It comes from nature.
It goes with everything.

For centuries, soybean products such as miso and tofu have been part of the daily diet in Japan, not only for their naturally good taste but for their many health-giving benefits. Made from soybeans fermented to the peak of mildness, Takeya miso is easy to digest and naturally nutritious. It’s rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Its alkaline properties help balance the acid effect of foods such as meat, fish, eggs and wheat flour. And it contains absolutely no cholesterol!

Takeya miso is made in a perfect, natural environment

High in the mountains of the Japanese Alps, the air is fresh and the water sparkling pure. Here,the temperature varies dramatically from morning to night throughout the four seasons.
This is perfect miso-making climate.
And this is the home of Takeya, miso-makers for 126 years.

Only select ingredients are used in Takeya miso

One of the secrets to great miso is plump, fully-matured soy beans.
Takeya selects only the best from Japan and from Illinois (U.S.), Ontario (Canada), and China.
Another essential is the water. And there’s none cleaner, clearer or better-tasting than pure mountain water.
Add the finest rice and a recipe cherished for over a century and you’ve got mild, mellow Takeya miso - unbeatable!

Takeya miso is made with the help of Nature herself

Like fine wine, Takeya miso is naturally fermented to perfection.
Special yeast and enzyme are added to soybeans, rice and salt, then the miso is left to brew slowly and naturally for several months.
Absolutely no chemicals, additives or preservatives are added ever.
Miso is one of Nature’s sophisticated foods.
And Takeya has long years of miso-making expertise behind it.


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